Town of Oxford, Nova Scotia


Blueberry - Steve Robinson
Designer: Unknown

When Built: Unknown

Dimensions (estimated):
Height: 8 Feet (2.4 Metres)
Width including arms 10.8 Feet (3.3 Metres)
Weight: 8 tons

Construction Materials:
Steel rebar and cement

In front of the Irving Mainway Gas Station at the entrance of town from the Trans Canada Highway.

Reason for Building:

It was originally owned by the Mann family in Peticodiac, NB and was used for their family business. Irving Oil purchased the Blueberry and moved it to Oxford in the fall of 1999.

Additional Information:

Oxford claims to be the Blueberry capital of the world.

That is Steve Robinson's kids Kyle, Brandon and Jesse in the top photo.

The pictures below were taken while it was still in Peticodiac. It appears that it now has new arms:
Blueberry - Rosalie MacCreadyBlueberry - ShanMonster

That is the Rosalie MacCready's daugher, Kellie, and niece, Heather in the first photo and ShanMonster in the second.

There are statues in front of other Irving Stations throughout the Maritimes including: Deer in Plaster Rock, NB, Silver Fox in Salisbury, NB, Cows in Sussex, NB, Moose in Deer Lake, NF.and Moose in Goobies, NF.

Information Source: Irving Oil Ltd.

Picture Source: Rosalie MacCready, ShanMonster, and Steve Robinson


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