Town of Watson (actually Daphne), Saskatchewan

Tire Men

Tiremen © 1999 Samson YeeTire man - Len Suchan
Designer: Ronald Bohnen

When Built: Large: 1966
Medium: 1996
Small: 1993

Height Large : 25 Feet (7.6 Metres)
Width Large : 12 Feet (3.7 Metres)
Height Medium : 15 Feet (4.6 Metres)
Width Medium : 10 Feet (3.0 Metres)
Height Small : 4.5 Feet (1.4 Metres)
Width Small : 3 Feet (.9 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Plywood, Tires (75 for the Large, 40 tires for the Medium), 2X4's and 2X2's, angle iron, hubcaps and coffee cans

About 11 kilometers North of Town Watson on Highway 6 (West Side of road).
At the turnoff to the former Daphne townsite.

Reason for Building:

All three tiremen were designed and built by Ronald Bohnen as an attraction to a game farm (now Tireman Market Garden).

Additional Information:

It is actually a way of attracting motorists to the market garden but it was still kind of neat.

The Town of Watson features a
Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Information Source: Colleen Bohnen

Picture Source: Samson Yee and Len Suchan of Mr. Lens Photography (Saskatoon)


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