Town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan

Honey Bee

Honey Bee - BerubeHoney Bee - Berube
Designers: Peter Bladen, Kirby Burningham,
Tom Patterson, John Schultz,
Claude Sylvestre, and Gary Vine

When Built: 1993

Height: 7 Feet (2.1 Metres)
Wingspan: 11 Feet 6 Inches (3.5 Metres)
Length: 16 Feet (4.9 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Metal and Fibreglass

Southwest corner of Highways #3 and 35

Reason for Building:

The Tisdale Economic Development and Tourism Committee and Tisdale and District Chamber of Commerce decided that the development of the Bee Theme for Tisdale would help make Tisdale a Tourism Destination. The Bee Statue was the first part of the development. A common bee logo has been adopted to appear on various letterhead in Tisdale, promotional materials, and souvenirs.

Tisdale is the Honey Capital of Saskatchewan, producing 10% of Canada's honey.

Additional Information:

TISDALE letters in concrete and paving stones are underneath the Bee Statue.

Construction costs $4,700

Here is a picture of the bee in the winter and from the back:
Honey Bee - D. Wayne Clark

Information Source: D. James Leier Director of Economic Development Kelsey/Tisdale Economic Development and Melanie Hnetka

Pictures Sources: Laura Berube's parents and D. Wayne Clark .


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