Gold Star Town of Quill Lake, Saskatchewan

Canada Goose

Canada Goose © August 1999 David YanciwCanada Goose © August 1999 David Yanciw

Designer: Mervin Prychak of M & S Concrete Ornaments (Wynyard, SK)

When Built: April 1994

Height: 21 Feet (6.4 Metres)
Wingspan: 18 Feet (5.5 Metres)
Length: 20 Feet (6.1 Metres) approximately

Construction Materials:
Steel and Fibreglass; base is concrete and steel

Northwest corner of the junction of Highway 5 and Main Street

Reason for Building:

Canada Goose Flyway

Additional Information:

The citizens of Quill Lake named the town the Goose Capital of Saskatchewan . The statue was funded by the citizens of Quill Lake and District. It was erected by Quill Lake Beautification Association.

Interesting bit of trivia: when the goose was first unveiled, he looked like he was going to crash into the ground. After citizens complained, they changed him so he pointed more towards the sky.

Here is a picture of the goose being built in Wynyard, SK:
Goose - Ethel Govan

Mervin Prychak also created the Whooping Crane in Govan, SK and the Bucking Horse and Rider in Sturgis, SK.

Information Source: Town of Quill Lake, SK, plaque on the statue, Ethel Govan (Quill Lake) and Melanie Hnetka

Picture Source: Ethel Govan and DMY


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