Village of Ponteix, Saskatchewan

Plesiosaur (Mo)

Plesiosaur © 2002 David YanciwPlesiosaur © 2002 David Yanciw
Designer: Larry Piché

When Built: 1995

Dimensions (based on my height):
Height: 8 Feet 10 Inches (2.7 Metres)
Length: 24 Feet (7.3 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Iron bars and sheet metal and covered with 5 cubic metres of concrete

Southeast corner of the Junction of Highway 13 and the Village access road

Reason for Building:

To commemorate the finding of the remains of this sea reptile 6 kilometres Northeast of Ponteix.

Additional Information:

That is me in the first photo. Picture taken by my girlfriend Barb. The second photo is a close up shot of the head. It has glass eyes and what appears to be real animal teeth in its mouth. Larry Piché's name and the year 1995 is etched on Mo's front right flipper.

The plaque at the foot of the path leading up to the statue states:
"Mo" The Ponteix Plesiosaur (Elasmosaur)
A sea reptile having lived 70 million years ago, reaching a length of 38 feet. "Mo" was originally found 6 km's N.E. of Ponteix, by Bob St. Cyr. Henri Liboiron confirmed the location, and with fellow paleontologist, Tim Tokaryk, quarried the site. This reproduction project, of the original Plesiosaur site was initiated by Roland (Dick) Lemieux, the architect is Larry Piché and sponsor of the project, is the Ponteix Lion's Club.

Information Source: plaque at the site and information brochure (roughly translated by me from French).

Picture Source: DMY


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