Village of Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan

Ox and Cart (Gus)

Ox and Cart - © May 2004 David YanciwOx and Cart - © May 2004 David Yanciw
Designer: Ox - Ralph Berg (Cabri, SK)
Cart - Noel Light (Hillmond, SK)

Built: 1993

Ox: Height: 10 Feet (3 Metres)
Ox: Weight: 1000 Pounds
Cart: Height: 10 Feet (3 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Fibreglass (Ox and cart wheels), metal (reins) and Wood (Cart)

Southwest corner of Highway #3 and Town access road
across from Noylon Ford

Reason for Building:

To commemorate the historic Carlton Trail which passed through the Village of Paradise Hill. The Carlton Trail was the Westís most famous route stretching almost 1200 miles from present day Winnipeg to Edmonton. An ox and red river cart were considered the most symbolic representation of the early 1800ís, as they were a common sight along this trail.

Additional Information:

The tail of the ox showed damage in 2004. Ralph Berg's name is welded on the metal reins. He has also created the Prairie Rattlesnake/Western Meadow Lark , Mule Deer , Burrowing Owls , and Ord's Kangaroo Rats , all of which are in Leader, SK, the Prehistoric Bison in St. Louis, SK, the Deer in Biggar, SK, the Antelope and Goose in Cabri, SK, the Pronghorn Antelope in Cereal, AB, Snow Goose in Dunrea, MB, Gilbert the Golf Ball in Gilbert Plains, MB, Bunnock in Macklin, SK the Canvas-Backed Duck in Minnedosa, MB, the Elk in Onanole, MB, the Northwest Mounted Policeman in Redvers, SK, and the Polar Bear in White Bear, SK.

Information Source: Marion Hougham of the Village of Paradise Hill and Richard W. Donnan

Picture Source: DMY


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