Gold Star City of Melville, Saskatchewan

Bison (aka Buffalo)

Bison © October 2000 David YanciwBison © October 2000 David Yanciw
Designer: Hugh Vassos (Melville, SK)

When Built: Before 1991

Height: 7'6" (2.3 Metres)
Length: 11 Feet (3.4 Metres)
Width: 3 Feet (.9 Metres)

Construction Materials:

South side of Highway 10 on the north edge of Town. In the Regional Park.

Reason for Building:

Additional Information:

The bison was purchased by the Kinsmen Club of Melville and donated to the Regional Park.

This monument has seen its share of abuse. Its ball bag was shot off, its tail was broken off and stolen, it was spray painted, and holes were punched in its side and head.

It has recently been repaired by the person who created it, 74 year old Hugh Vasos, who donated his time so that it would be brought back to the way it was intended.

Hugh Vassos also created the Porcupine (Quilly Willy) in Porcupine Plain, SK.

That is me in the second photo.

Melville also features Prairie Lilies:
Prairie Lilies

The following photo shows the placement of the lilies to the bison:
Bison and Lilies © October 2000 David Yanciw

Information Source: Don Rathgeber , Chair of the Melville Regional Park

Picture Source: DMY


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