Gold Star City of Melville, Saskatchewan

Prairie Lilies (4)

Lilies © August 2000 Samson YeeLilies © October 2000 David Yanciw
Designer: Simons Manufacturing (Rocanville, SK)

When Built: 1960's

Height: 11 Feet (3.4 Metres)
Stem length: 13 Feet (4.0 Metres)
Petals - Large length: 5 Feet (1.5 Metres)
Petals - Large width: 2 Feet (.6 Metres)
Petals - Small length: 55 Inches (1.4 Metres)
Petals - Small width: 16 Inches (.4 Metres)
Leaves - Large (2) length: 42 Inches (1.1 Metres)
Leaves - Large (2) width: 16 Inches (.4 Metres)
Leaves - Small (3) length: 32 Inches (.8 Metres)
Leaves - Small (3) width: 4 Inches (.1 Metres)
Pistol length: 27 Inches (.7 Metres)

Construction Materials:

South side of Highway 10 on the north edge of Town and within the Regional Park.

Reason for Building:

Decorative purposes

Additional Information:

Simons Manufacturing, now closed, was famous for being the manufacturer of the Simons Oil Cans. Rocanville has a Monument to the Simons Oil Cans.

Here is a view of two of the lilies together. These are located at the entrance to the park:
Lilies © August 2000 Samson Yee

Melville also features a Bison:

Here are photos of the lilies at the other end of the park and one showing the placement of the lilies to the bison:
Bison and Lilies © October 2000 David Yanciw

Information Source: Don Rathgeber , Chair of the Melville Regional Park

Picture Source: Samson Yee and DMY


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