Town of Macklin, Saskatchewan

Bunnock (Horse's Ankle Bone)

Bunnock - Em Waygood
Designer: Ralph Berg (Cabri, SK)

When Built: Unknown

Overall height: 32 Feet (9.75 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Fiberglass, Steel Pipes, Chickenwire


Reason for Building:

Tourist Booth. The town hosts the World Bunnock Championships each year. This is an old Russian game played with horses' ankle bones.

Additional Information:

Modelled after a horse's ankle bone enlarged 98 times actual size. At night the bunnock can be illuminated and shines a bright orange which can be seen for miles around.

That is Mike Damberger by the doorway in the above picture

It is believed that Ralph Berg created this monument. He has created the Prairie Rattlesnake/Western Meadow Lark , Mule Deer , Burrowing Owls , and Ord's Kangaroo Rats , all of which are in Leader, SK, the Prehistoric Bison in St. Louis, SK, the Deer in Biggar, SK, the Antelope and Goose in Cabri, SK, the Pronghorn Antelope in Cereal, AB, Snow Goose in Dunrea, MB, Gilbert the Golf Ball in Gilbert Plains, MB, Canvas-Backed Duck in Minnedosa, MB, the Elk in Onanole, MB, Ox in Paradise Hill, SK, the Northwest Mounted Policeman in Redvers, SK, and the White Bear in White Bear, SK.

Information Source:

Picture Source: Em Waygood and Mike Damberger


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