Gold Star Town of Indian Head, Saskatchewan

Indian Head Sculpture

Indian Head © 1999 David YanciwIndian Head © 1999 David Yanciw

Designer: Don Foulds

When Built: 1985

Total height: 18 Feet (5.5 Metres)
Head height: 10 Feet (3 Metres)
Base height: 8 Feet (2.4 Metres)
Weight: 3,500 pounds (1,588 Kilograms)

Construction Materials:
Metal Pipe, Metal Mesh and 3 coats of Cement

Southwest corner of Town on the north side of Highway #1

Reason for Building:

When the stretch of the Trans Canada Highway was twinned and moved south of the Town, the Town's business community felt that a large statue might generate tourist curiousity. It was hoped that this would help compensate the anticipated loss of tourist dollars due to the change in the highway location.

Additional Information:

Colouration was applied by incorporating cement pigments into the final cement coat.

The sculpture was constructed in Saskatoon and transported to Indian Head.

The sculpture cost $12,750.

Don Foulds also created the Woolly Mammoth in Kyle, SK, the Turtle in Turtleford, SK, the Moose in Moose Jaw, SK and the Giant Squid in Glover's Harbour, Nfld.

Information Source: Town of Indian Head

Picture Source: DMY


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