Hamlet of Gorlitz, Saskatchewan
(RM of Good Lake No. 274)

White-Tailed Deer Antlers
(Gorlitz Buck)

Antlers - Janice HowattAntlers © August 1999 Samson Yee
Designer: RiverRidge Fish and Game

When Built: 1989


Construction Materials:
Lamppost standards, driveshafts, chicken wire and filled with concrete

North of the Village on the west side of Highway 9

Reason for Building:

Built in recognition of wildlife and conservation efforts by Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Members

Additional Information:

Score Typical: 1158 1/8 (means of measuring antlers)

In the first picture, the people are the photographer's children Jenny, Kyle and Reid (they show up in the full size picture). The weathered sign was not up in 1999 (most likely being repainted). That is me in the second photo at the bottom.

The nice thing about this monument is that you can do goofy things with it. See below (I am on the left and Sam is on the right):

Sam & Dave w/Antlers © August 1999 David Yanciw

Information Source: R.M. of Good Lake No. 274

Picture Source: Janice Howatt, Samson Yee and DMY


Created By DMY on November 5, 1998
Last Updated: September 28, 2002