Gold Star Town of Eston, Saskatchewan


Gopher - Len SuchanGopher © August 2002 David Yanciw
Designer: Michael Martin (Red Deer, AB)

When Built: 1987

Height: 8 Feet (2.4 Metres)
Weight: 3,000 Pounds (1,360 Kilograms)

Construction Materials:

At the end of Main Street (Centre Street?) along Railway Avenue.

Reason for Building:

The gopher was chosen as a suitable monument for the main street of Eston because of the world gopher derby.

Additional Information:

Plaque on gopher reads as follows:
"Gopher sculpted In Tyndalstone by Michael Martin 1987 Purchased by Eston Lion's Club, Eston Board of Trade and Town of Eston and erected in Eston, home of the world gopher derby, by the residents of the town and district."

Michael Martin went to a Manitoba tyndalstone quarry and chose a 6,000 lb piece of tyndalstone. He sculpted the gopher in Saskatoon and it traveled to Eston via flatbed. It was erected with a chain wrapped around the gopher's neck onto a base which was built by Rudy Stengle (about a 3 feet base of brickwork and crushed rock).

Michael Martin also did the Gordy Howe bronze in Saskatoon, SK.

To give you an idea of the location of the monument here is a shot to show his view:
Gopher © August 2002 David Yanciw

Information Source: Town of Eston, SK

Picture Source: Len Suchan of Mr. Lens Photography (Saskatoon) and DMY


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