Town of Churchbridge, Saskatchewan

Canadian Dollar Coin

Dollar Coin © October 2000 David YanciwDollar Coin © May 2003 David Yanciw
Designer: Rita Swanson
Cast at the foundry of Bill Epp

When Built: June 29, 1993

Diameter: 6 Feet (1.8 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Everdur bronze on a base made of concrete

South side of Highway 16 on Bridger Road

Reason for Building:

The Town of Churchbridge constructed this monument to commemorate the Rita Swanson, the artist resident of Churchbridge whose design was chosen to mark Canada's 125th birthday in 1992.

Additional Information:

The three 25 foot flag poles fly the flags of Canada, Saskatchewan and Churchbridge. There is a twin coin bearing information about the origin of the coin on the monument. It reads:
"To mark Canada's 125th Birthday, the Royal Canadian Mint invited Canadians to submit special designs for the one dollar coin.
Churchbridge artist Rita Swanson submitted the winning design from among thousands of entries, thus gaining for the Town the honour of 'Artistic Birthplace' of the design. The Town of Churchbridge has gained authorization from the Royal Canadian Mint to reproduce Rita Swanson's design in this monument.
Over twenty-five million one dollar coins with Rita's design have been struck by the Mint and circulated throughout the country. Congratulations Rita!
On June 29th, 1993, the monument was unvailed by the artist Rita Swanson and his worship Walter Wintonyk, Mayor of Churchbridge. This commemorates the first anniversary of the issue date, June 29th, 1992, of the Canada 125 one dollar coin.
'I therefore chose what I believe to be strong national symbols: the flag as our national emblem, children as our future and our source of inspiration, the Parliament buildings as a testimony to our history' - Rita Swanson (1992)
Artist: Rita Swanson, Churchbridge, Sask
Bronze Foundary: Bill Epp, Saskatoon Sask.
Construction: Crush Rite Concrete, Churchbridge, Sask, Creative Consultants Heartworks Design Studio, Veregin, Sask."

Approximate cost of the monument was $32,000.00

Information Source: Town of Churchbridge

Picture Source: DMY


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