City of North Battleford, Saskatchewan

Mountie and Horse

RCMP and Horse © June 2000 David YanciwRCMP and Horse © June 2000 David Yanciw

Designer: Heiko Hespe (Dapp, AB)

When Built: 1963

Dimensions (estimated based on proportion to me):
Height Hoof to Lance : 23 Feet (7 Metres)
Height Hoof to Horse's Ear : 14.5 Feet (4.4 Metres)
Height Hoof to Crown of Steston : 16 Feet (4.9 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Welded frame of pipes and rods, covered with coloured fibreglass.
Foundation is concrete.

Northeast corner of the junction of Highways 16 and 40, at the Western Development Museum.

Reason for Building:

To commemorate Canada's Centennial in 1967.

Additional Information:

Heiko Hespe also designed the Bison in Wainwright, AB.

The horse was christened "Old Bobby" because of its similarity to a horse in the musical ride during that time.

Plaque at the base of the statue reads in part: "This statue is dedicated to the pioneers and citizens of the City of North Battleford on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee 1913 - 1963."

The statue cost $4,700.

Here is a close up of the mountie. There was some minor damage to the horse's tail in 2004.
RCMP and Horse © May 2004 David Yanciw

Information Source: Handout from the North Battleford Tourism Centre

Picture Source: DMY


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