Municipality of South Bolton, Quebec


Rocket - Peter SyvanenRocket - Peter Syvanen
Designer: Charlie Labranche

When Built: 1964

Dimensions (estimated):

Construction Materials:
Wood frame covered with sheet metal

Intersection of Routes 243 and 245.

Reason for Building:

Additional Information:

The rocket is a local landmark that has stood poised for liftoff, for some 40 years.

It was built next to the restaurant and gas station Charlie Labranche's family operated. According to legend, when asked why he built it, his reply was so that he could send a neighbour he didn't like to the moon.

When it was built, McGill Unversity was operating a space research facility at Highwater, Quebec (approximately 10 kilometres to the south). It employed many local residents, so there was a big interest in space in the area at the time although there is no official connection between Charlie's creation and the McGill project.

The business was sold in the 1970's and at some point the buildings burned to the ground. For a while, the rocket had a fluorescent ad that said "Ski Jay Peak" in reference to a place in nearby Northern Vermont.

The intersection is still known by all locals as "the rocket". The rocket itself is showing its age and appears to be home to birds, squirrels and/or wasps.

Here are two photos taken at around the time it was built. The first includes a picture of its builder Charlie Labranche:
Rocket - Joe LabrancheRocket - Joe Labranche

Information Sources: Peter Syvanen and Joe Labranche

Pictures Sources: Peter Syvanen and Joe Labranche


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