City of Montreal, Quebec

Orange (Orange Julep)

Orange - Vincent FortinOrange - Andre Rochon
Designer: Unknown

When Built: 1942

Diameter: 40 Feet (12.2 Metres)
Height: Three Storeys

Construction Materials:
fibreglass reinforced plastic

7700 Decarie Blvd, near the entrance of the Blue Bonnets Race track.

Although not a community monument as such, it is big. Eventually, I will create a section on Commercial Monuments but for now, it is here. Besides, its large produce.

Reason for Building:

This big orange has been a drive-up fast food outlet since 1942 and is currently operated under the name of "Orange Julep". Orange Julep is a traditional orange drink invented in Montreal more than 60 years ago. Food is brought by girls on roller blades to people's cars.

Additional Information:

When it was built, the juice counter was owned and operated by a man named Gibeau who had invented an orange drink and called it orange Gibeault or Gibeau. Gibeau took pleasure in taking customers or friends to the third floor of his big orange and with theatrical gestures and conversation threw buckets of oranges in a hopper crusher.

Montreal also features a giant Milk Bottle:

Information Sources: André Rochon

Pictures Sources: Vincent Fortin and André Rochon


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