City of Thunder Bay, Ontario

Curling Stone

Curling Stone - Vickie CharestCurling Stone - Steve Robinson
Manufactured by: Canadian Car
Refurbished/Maintained by: A.J. Childs Ltd.

When Built: 1960

Dimensions (estimated based on person in photo):
Height with pedestal: 6.5 Feet (2.0 Metres)
Diameter: 5.8 Feet (1.8 Metres)

Construction Materials:

In front of the Fort William Gardens and Fort William Curling and Athletic Club 901 Miles Street East

Reason for Building:

It was created for the 1960 Brier Parade.

Additional Information:

That is the photographer's son, Brandon, in the second photo. To give an indication of size and location, here is a picture of it from across the street:
Curling Stone - Vickie Charest

Canadian Car is now Bombardier (makers of subway cars, snowmobiles, planes, etc.). A.J. Childs Ltd. is a plastering contractor.

The stone rests on wooden boards.

Thunder Bay also features a two moose hunters:

Thunder Bay also used to feature a Giant Milk Carton:
Milk Carton

Information Sources: Vickie Charest and Canada's Gigantic! by Henri Robideau

Pictures Sources: Vickie Charest and Steve Robinson


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