Gold Star City of Thunder Bay, Ontario

Moose Hunters
(Andre and Millie Allen)

Andre AllenMillie Allen
Designed by: Andre Allen

When Built: November 1995

Height: 16 Feet (4.9 Metres)
Height Rifles : 8 Feet (2.4 Metres)
Weight (each): 500 Pounds

Construction Materials:
Treated Wood (boots were made of steel)

South side of Highway 17, five minutes west of the outskirts of the City of Thunder Bay.

Reason for Building:

Built to attract customers to their sportshop, The Moose Hunter and Outfitters , Highway 17, five minutes west of Thunder Bay. It was also designed for posterity to last at least 100 years.

Additional Information:

The two hunters guard the entrance to the designer's property. One is his wife Millie and the other is a self portrait. Both are dressed in replicas of Andre and Millie's hunting clothes. The real Andre and Millie are standing besides their larger selves.

Here is a picture of them from across the road:
Moose Hunters View

To learn more about the making of these statues see:
Under Construction
The Making of Andre and Millie Allen

There are plans for three giant moose to be built out of wood (bull, cow and calf). They will be l6 to 18 feet high. Also planned is a l6 foot statue in memory of their son, Dale Andre Allen, a famous moose caller. He will be in the pose of moose calling (hands cupped together performing a moose call). Dale died of melanoma (skin cancer) on December 30, l997 at the age of 39.

Thunder Bay also features a giant Curling Stone and used to feature a giant Milk Carton:
Curling StoneMilk Carton

Information Sources: Andre and Millie Allen

Pictures Sources: Andre and Millie Allen


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