Gold Star City of St. Thomas, Ontario

Elephant (Jumbo)

Elephant - postcard
Designer: Winston Bronnum (Sussex, NB)

When erected: June 29, 1985

Weight: 38 tons
Weight of Base: 100 tons

Construction Materials:
Concrete with steel reinforcing rods

Talbot Street, near the West entrance to town

Reason for Building:

To commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Jumbo the elephant, which occurred at the Woodworth Avenue railway crossing.

Additional Information:

Body is hollow and the walls are about seven inches thick. The legs are solid concrete and steel. The skin texture was achieved by trowelling on three quarters of an inch of coloured cement and sand plaster.

The project was funded totally with contributions from citizens, corporations and organizations of St. Thomas and Elgin County with the St. Thomas Kiwanis Club raising over $50,000.00 towards the project. The City of St. Thomas provided the site where Jumbo stands.

It was made in New Brunswick and in order for it to clear the bridges on the 1,070 mile trip, the lower part of the legs and the six inch base were poured seperately from the upper part of the legs and the body. Here is a photo of it when it was still in New Brunswick:
Elephant- © 1984 T. Clifford Hodgson

Apparently, it faces East with his trunk up for good luck.

Winston Bronnum also designed the Maugerville, NB Potato , the St. John, NB Horse , the Penobsquis, NB Mule , the Cow Bay, NS Moose , and the Shediac, NB Lobster and Fisherman .

Information Source: St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce, Peter Leack St. Thomas City Clerk and Pete.

Picture Source: Postcard from St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce and Donald Hodgson


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