Gold Star Town of Kenora, Ontario

Muskie (Husky)

Muskie - Samson YeeMuskie - Len Suchan
Designer: Jules Horvath
(Deluxe Signs and Displays)

When Built: July 1967

Height: 40 Feet (12.2 Metres)
Weight: 2.5 tonne

Construction Materials:
One ton of steel, 36 sheets of plywood, 3,5000 bolts, 700 lbs of resin, 500 square feet of fibreglass matting, and countless tubes of colour pigment.

East side of TransCanada Highway by the lake.

Reason for Building:

Centennial project

Additional Information:

The late Mr. Horvath and his staff started by welding two large seperate halves of the proposed fish. After the steel was welded in place, strips of plywood were bolted over the framework. Then, chicken wire and fibreglass were used to give the lifelike scale effect. All intricate curves were molded and carved from styrofoam. The colours of the muskie were impregnated right into the fibreglass.

The two halves of the fish were individually hoisted into place and welded to a 12 inch steel I-beam. The fins and tail were then welded to the fish.

Bill Brabrooke submitted the winning name of Husky the Musky. He also included the slogan "Husky the Musky says 'Prevent Water Pollution'"

Information Source: Town of Kenora and the Leaflet entitled The Story of a Fish "Husky the Musky"

Pictures Sources: Samson Yee and Len Suchan


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