Gold Star Village of Dorion, Ontario

Indian Head

Indian Head Thumb
Designer: Dennis Seargeant (Thunder Bay, ON)

When Built: May 23, 2000 (unveiled)

Height: 45 Feet (21 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Wood, Fibreglass Sections, and Plastic

East side of "Canyon Country Service", a service station/gift shop

Reason for Building:

Additional Information:

This is a replica of a natural rock formation in Ouimet Canyon. Here is a picture of the real rock formation:
Indian Head -

The legend of the Indian Head is as follows (taken from a plaque by the monument):
"Long ago there were giants. Omett was one who helped Nanna Bijou, a great spirit of the Ojibway people, to raise mountains and make new lakes. Omett fell in love with Nanna Bijou's daughter Naiomi. One day Omett was moving mountains when a piece broke off and fell upon, and killed Naiomi. Afraid of Nanna Bijou's anger Omett hid her body in a shallow lake and covered it with a rock shield.
Searching for Naiomi, Nanna Bijou walked over the shield and felt vibrations from under the rocks. He reached into the sky and grabbed a large thunder bolt and drove it into the ground. The rock split open, and in the wide canyon he discovered Naiomi's body. Nanna Bijou buried Naiomi in the bottom of the canyon.
From her grave grow rare and beautiful flowers. To punish Omett, Nanna Bijou turned him into stone and placed him on the canyon wall to watch over the grave forever.

The walls of Canyon Country Service feature two giant Murals

Information Source: Ginette Marshall

Pictures Sources: postcards from Ginette Marshall


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