Town of Campbellford, Ontario

Two Dollar Coin (Toonie)

Toonie - Elizabeth Iozzo
Designer: Brent Townsend

When Built: 2001

Dimensions (Estimated):
Height: 27 Feet (8.2 Metres)
Diametre Coin: 18 Feet (5.5 Metres)

Construction Materials:

Old Mill Park, along the Trent Severn Waterway

Reason for Building:

To recognize the efforts of Campbellford artist Brent Townsend who created the polar bear image that was used on the Two Dollar Coin, also known as the "Toonie".

Additional Information:

Sign at the base of the monument reads:
"Campbellford/Seymour - Home of the $2 Coin. About the Artist Local artist, Brent Townsend designed the award-winning polar bear as seen on the face of Canada's premiere $2 coin. An internationally known & widely respected wildlife artist, Brent wanted to convey the noble strength of the polar bear on the coin. 'I wanted to relay many of the characteristics associated with this powerful animal so that even on such a small reproduction as a coin, people would instantly recognize it to be a polar bear.' Brent Townsend's pursuit is to capture Canada's boundless wilderness. The artist strives to renew his creativity within each canvas as he travels extensively across Canada, while staying true to the surrounding landscapes throughout Northumberland County."

This is the second twoonie monument built for the community. The first one was built in 1996 by the Town of Campbellford. It stood only a few feet away from the current monument. It was 20 Feet high (6.1 Metres), was made over 700 white and yellow lights and took no less than 100 man hours to create. Here it what it looked like:
Toonie - Hans Boldt

Behind the coin is the Trent-Severn waterway.

Information Source: Sign at monument and

Pictures Sources: Elizabeth Iozzo and Hans Boldt


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