Township of Beardmore, Ontario


Snowman - Vickie CharestSnowman - Steve Robinson
Built by: Tom Tansley & Associates

When Built: Fall 1998 (original was built in 1960)

Height: 35 Feet (10.7 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Wood over a steel frame


Reason for Building:

Built to promote the community and ski hill.

Additional Information:

The snowman was built with removable seasonal accessories - in the summer it has sunglasses and a fishing pole; in the winter, it has a curling broom and a winter scarf.

The original was built by the Royal Canadian Legion and the Township of Beardmore. It was replaced in Fall of 1998 (not structurally sound anymore - due to fire?). It was made out of painted plywood, metal beams and acrylic epoxy paint. In reality it was a chip and ice cream stand. It stood 30 Feet (9.1 Metres) tall and was 20.6 Feet (6.3 Metres) in Diameter.

Here is a long shot showing the sign:
Snowman - Steve Robinson

Regan Paynter provided me with a photo of the original (his wife, Robin, seated at the foot):
Snowman - Regan Paynter

Information Sources: Township of Beardmore, Vickie Charest, Canada's Gigantic! by Henri Robideau, and an article in the July 22, 2002 issue of MacLean's magzine by Will Ferguson entitled Will Ferguson's Canada; Size Matters.

Pictures Sources: Vickie Charest, Steve Robinson and Regan Paynter


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Last Updated: November 4, 2002