Town of Goobies, Newfoundland

Moose (Morris)

Moose - Gerald Kornelsen
Designer: Harold MacEachern (Peticodiac, NB)

Built: 1994

Dimensions (estimated):
Height: 11 1/2 Feet (3.5 Metres)
Length: 10 Feet (3 Metres)
Weight: 10 tons

Construction Materials:
Concrete, metal and rebar

At the #210 intersection in front of the Irving Big Stop gas station.

Reason for Building:

Built as a tourist attraction and also as a reminder to the motoring public to be watchful of moose when driving as there are a number of fatalities on highways in Newfoundland because of moose.

Additional Information:

Morris obtained his name from a contest involving all elementary schools in the area. Out of 1,000 entries, 80% were for the name "Morris". This can be probably attributed to a very popular cartoon called Morris and Borris. A school in Swiftcurrent was declared the winner because they had the most entrants. They were brought to Goobies for a big picnic.

Harold MacEachern also created the Moose in Deer Lake, Nfld and the Cows in Sussex, NB.

There are statues in front of other Irving Stations throughout the Maritimes including: Moose in Deer Lake, Nfld, Deer in Plaster Rock, NB, Silver Fox in Salisbury, NB, Blueberry in Oxford, NS, and Cows in Sussex, NB.

Information Source: Irving Oil Ltd. and Karen Chappell

Picture Source: Gerald Kornelsen


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