Town of Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Moose (Howley)

Moose - Andre RochonMoose - Steve Robinson

Designer: Harold MacEachern (Peticodiac, NB)

Built: Unknown

Dimensions (estimated):
Height: 11 1/2 Feet (3.5 Metres)
Length: 10 Feet (3 Metres)
Weight: 10 tons

Construction Materials:
Concrete, metal and rebar

Outside the Irving station on the TransCanada Highway.

Reason for Building:

Additional Information:

The moose was named in a contest school children. The student who won got to take his/her class to the Irving restaurant for lunch.

The first moose that were introduced to the island of Newfoundland were released near the tiny community of Howley. This is likely the origin of the name.

The above dimensions were estimated based on the height of the person in the first picture (Andre Rochon) who is 5 Feet 8 Inches tall. The second picture features Kyle Robinson.

Harold MacEachern also created the Moose in Goobies, Nfld and the Cows in Sussex, NB.

There are statues in front of other Irving Stations throughout the Maritimes including: Moose in Goobies, Nfld, Deer in Plaster Rock, NB, Silver Fox in Salisbury, NB, Blueberry in Oxford, NS, and Cows in Sussex, NB.

Deer Lake also features a Strawberry statue:

Information Source: Karen Chappell

Pictures Sources: Andre Rochon and Steve Robinson


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