City of St. John, New Brunswick


Gladstone Tavern Horse - T. Clifford Hodgson 1970

Designer: Winston Bronnum (Sussex, NB)

Built: 1967

Height Top of head to ground: 6 Feet (1.8 Metres)
Length: Tip of tail to nose: 7 Feet (2.1 Metres)

Construction Materials:

Latimore Lake - current location of the horse

Reason for Building:

Originally built for the Gladstone Tavern located at at Haymarket Square.

Additional Information:

As shown in the photo, the original monument consisted of a horse, man and carriage. The horse is in a trotting position with its tail up in the wind. The Carriage had its wheels turned by a motor. The cement base that the horse is on is signed by Winston and dated 1967.

When the tavern was torn down because of new highway construction, the monument was moved. The horse now resides on the front lawn of the granddaughter of the Tavern's owner (Merton Fudge). The wooden man figure was apparently burnt in a fire. One story that I heard is that the carriage is now being used to take cruise ship passengers for tours around St. John.

The story goes that Winston built the statue in the lower level of a motel/gas bar being constructed in Sussex, NB. He moved it before they closed in the last of the remaining walls. The gas bar has now closed down and the motel is now a church.

Winston Bronnum also designed the Shediac, NB Lobster , the Maugerville, NB, Potato , the Penobsquis, NB Racehorse , the Cow Bay, NS Moose , and the St. Thomas, ON Jumbo the Elephant .

Information Sources: Donald Hodgson, Ansel Norrad, and Tammy Kilpatrick

Picture Source: Donald Hodgson


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