Town of Jacksonville, New Brunswick


Farmer - Steve Robinsonfarmer - Tim Scammell

Designer: Albert Deveau (St. Basile, NB)

Built: 1998?

Dimensions (estimated):
Height: 13 Feet (4 Metres)
Diameter: 22.5 Inches (.6 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Wood - Carved out of one pine log

In front of Hayward's Potato House
13560 rte / Hwy 2 Jacksonville

Reason for Building:

To advertise the Hayward family's market store.

Additional Information:

Measurements were based on the 12" tall lantern. It is a real lantern.

It took Albert 1 1/2 days or so to finish the carving but the Haywards were not able to paint it right away as the wood needed to naturally dry. It has only been painted once so far (2003).

That is Steve's wife, Leea and daughter Jamie-Lee in the first photo. Tim Scammell provided the second photo as well as this distance shot which gives a sense of location:
farmer - Tim Scammell

Albert Deveau also designed the Aboriginal Woman in Grand Falls, NB and the Voyager and the Fiddleheads in Plaster Rock, NB.

Information Source: Tim Scammell (based on information provided by the Hayward Family).

Picture Source: Steve Robinson and Tim Scammell


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