City of Campbellton, New Brunswick

Atlantic Salmon
(Restigouche Sam)

Salmon Thumb

Designer: William Lishman & Associates Ltd. (Blackstock, ON)

Built: 1982/83

Dimensions: Height: 21.6 Feet (6.6 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Approximately 2000 stainless steel scales, individually welded onto tublar steel, webbed in a super structure. Approximately one ton of metal was used.


Reason for Building:

Restigouche is the region of New Brunswick where Campbellton is located.

Additional Information:

As part of the design process, a model was created using a computer. The Salmon is in its characteristic stance of leaping from the water to jump a waterfall. It is suspended on a three point base in a water pool and features a pumping mechanism which causes the water to cascade from the trailing edges of the head fins to give the illusion of it hesitating, suspended in midair before crashing back to the pool.

The sculpture is designed to withstand the elements including winds in excess of 100 mph.

The fish is actually 27.3 Feet (8.3 Metres) long.

Information Source: City of Campbellton, NB

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