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The Monuments of Canada

"Where it is not just the size but the thought that counts"

This website is dedicated to those fantastic and awe inspiring monuments built by communities to draw tourist dollars into their community. I am talking about the world's largest oilcan, the world's largest Easter egg, the world's largest (fill in the blank).

GoldStar When you see the gold star on a community page, this is the Gold Star of Community Marketing that I have arbitrarily given to communities that went over and above the call of duty to provide me with additional information, pictures and in some instances lapel pins. If you think your community deserves a Gold Star on its page, send me stuff. E-mail me at david.yanciw@sasktel.net and I will provide my mailing address...yes, I can be bought (I especially like the lapel pins).

Coming Attractions Coming Attractions refers to pictures that I have, which have not yet been scanned. Some pictures are still in my camera so it might be a little while before they appear.

Need Pics There are some locations where I do not have a picture of their bigthing. If you have a picture that I can use - PLEASE SEND ME IT!!! I will give you credit as the source of the picture and you will be famous (Note: your fame is not guaranteed).

Lost Monuments Lost refers to monuments that I have pictures/information on that are no longer. Rather than removing them from the list I decided to keep the memories alive.

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