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  • Cory Porterfield provided me with information and pictures of their Beaver in Beaverlodge, AB
  • A bit more housekeeping. I created a new subject list dealing with Fish and Other Aquatic Animals so that things are easier to find.
  • I received another award for my site. This time it is the Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet.
  • Dan Gaines identified and provided me with information and the use of photos of the Baseball in Sault Ste. Marie.
  • Allison Kessler provided me with information regarding the Cattails in Morse, SK.
  • Terry Cullinan identified and provided me with information and a postcard of the Avro Arrow and Test Pilot [ New ] in Barry's Bay, ON. As the Airplane is not real and appears to be smaller than lifesize, I am including it in the main site rather than the "Planes on a Stick" Section. Also, it appears that that section disappeared on me so I have to reload it some day. The park that it is in is actually about the Test Pilot, Janusz Zurakowski.
  • Exchanged links with another Big Things Site: Mike Ewanus' "It's a Big World" as well as a Travel Site called: Canadian Travel Adventures
  • Kevin DeJong identified and provided me with a photo of the Whale statue in Prince Rupert, BC.
  • A piece of web site house keeping. The Earlton Zoo, in Earlton, Ontario, home of the giant Bison, is no more, it is now the Temiskaming Wildlife Centre.
  • John G. Quinn provided me with pictures of the Prehistoric Bison in St. Louis, SK.
  • Peter Syvanen identified and provided me with photos and a history of the Rocket [ New ] in South Bolton, Quebec. He included old photos! I love getting the old photos.
  • Leola Wheeler provided me with more information about the Lumberjack in Stanhope, ON.
  • Dave Ward provided me with more information about the Magnet in Moncton, NB.
  • I am slowly making my way through my backlog of things to add to the site. Once again, those who have contributed something but have not seen it on my site, I appologize. I will get to it soon, I hope.
  • There are a few new items in Saskatchewan:
    • The Town of Leader has once again added another monument to their community. The Woodpecker Welcome Sign [ New ] by artist Grant McLaughlin makes a total of eight for the community. Big things are huge there (pun intended). Thanks to Grant for letting me know about it as well as providing me with a picture.
    • Lynda Dalton identified and provided a photo of the Morse, SK Cattails. [ New ] I appreciate the new subject matter.
    • A few people, as well as a couple news items, identified that the late Ralph Berg 's Prehistoric Bison [ New ] for St. Louis, SK is there now. I still need to get some detail as well as a photo of it.
    • Kim Wondrasek identified and provided me with a photo of the giant Swing [ New ] in the Town of Langenburg, SK
  • More on the artist Winston Bronnum was added. This time the information was taken from the Sept. 12, 1991 issue of the Telegraph-Journel
  • Barry Pomeroy's Big Things Across the Country is back on the web and he linked to me!
  • Wow can you believe it, two updates in one month. This is a special Winston Bronnum update. I have more photos and memories. Also, I have been getting inquiries as to the value of some of his small sculptures and pictures. If anybody has any information as to their value, I would be happy to pass it on.
  • One thing that I love is getting old photos of how some of these monuments used to look or how they were built. Donald Hodgson provided me with more photos that were taken by his father T. Clifford Hodgson of several of Winston's pieces. These include the original photo that was used to create the postcard of the Potato in Maugerville, NB. Donald also provided photos of Jumbo the Elephant in St. Thomas, ON and the Horse [ New ] in St. John, NB.
  • I received more information about Bronnum's St. John, NB Horse from Tammy Kilpatrick and Ansel Norrad.
  • Paul McCloskey provided me with a current photo of Bronnum's Potato in Maugerville, NB and his Lobster in Shediac, NB.
  • Thanks to Leola Wheeler and Jim Luce who provided me with photos of the Stanhope, Ontario Lumberjack.
  • Added more information about the Port Hardy, BC Bear and Fish Sign thanks to Frank from www.bearclawjewelery.com
  • Slowly but surely, I am getting to all of my old e-mails to update my site. I am actually quite excited about the following update as it deals with the late Winston Bronnum. Thanks to information provided by Donald Hodgson, Wayne Nagy, Ansel Norrad. Donald Hodgson even provided a photo of Mr. Bronnum as well as two photos of the Penobsquis, NB Blow Hard the Broken Down Race Horse That were taken by his father T. Cliffor Hodgson. The second photo was actually a demonstration piece used by Winston.