Unique Housing

Some things come along which require an entirely new category. Housing is one of them. Generally speaking, these are not community monuments but they are landmarks in their own way.

In Toronto, there exists a house/office building made of suspended cubes.

Toronto, ON

The Cubes

The Cubes ThumbThe Cubes Thumb
Designer: Ben Kutner

When Built: 1996

Each cube is 24 X 24 X 24 Feet (7.3 X 7.3 X 7.3 meters) and has 1200 square feet of floor space. They are 42 feet from point to point.

Construction Materials:
steel frame

1 Sumach Street near the Adelaide overpass.

Additional Information:

There are three cubes at this site.

It was built on land that was not suitable for anything else. It is a small lot, part of a flood plain and there are two highways on either side. The cubes rest on 18 foot columns. Ben has a web site for his cubes: www.unitri.com.

Information Sources: Ben Kutner

Pictures Source: Ben Kutner.

If you know of other "special" housing and you have pictures please send me an e-mail yanciw@xoommail.com.


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