Gold Star Town of Sparwood, British Columbia

Truck (350 Ton Terex Titan)

Truck - Joan FoulstonTruck - Scotty T.
Designer: General Motors of Canada

When Built: 1978? - put on the site 1994

Length: 66 Feet (20.1 Metres)
Width: 25.6 Feet (7.8 Metres)
Height: 22.6 Feet (6.7 Metres)
Weight: 260 Tons

Construction Materials:

North side of Highway 3, at the visitor information centre.

Reason for Building:

It was brought to Sparwood to work in the Kaiser Resources coal mine

Additional Information:

It is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the world's largest tandem axle, rear dumping hauler ever manufactured.

Its maximum load is 350 tons and the box is capable of holding 2 Greyhound buses and 2 pick-up trucks. Each tire is 11 Feet (3.4 Metres) and weighs 4 tons.

When it was shipped by train it came unassembled on 8 rail flat cars.

It was retired in 1990 because it was no longer cost efficient to operate. In the fall of 1994, Elkview Coal Corporation donated the Titan to the Sparwood Chamber of Commerce.

Here is another view of the truck provided by Scotty T.:
Truck - Scotty T.

Information Sources: Brochure provided by the Sparwood & District Chamber of Commerce and Robert/Ruth Sampson.

Picture Source: Joan Foulston and Scotty T.


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