City of Revelstoke, British Columbia

Big Head

Head - Regan Paynter
Designer: Peter Fuoco

When Built: 1940


Construction Materials:
Wood (Cedar Stump) encased in fibreglass


Reason for Building:

Additional Information:

Pete Fuoco was a timekeeper and first aid man with a construction crew that was building the western loop of the Big Bend Highway. Pete was impressed with the human like characteristics of a large Cedar stump at Mile 80 on the highway. Working in the evenings and spare time he carved out a human face starting with a chainsaw and finishing with a variety of chisels, etc.

The section forman was so impressed with it that he helped organize a "Guillotine Crew" who sawed the head off its stump and moved it to Canoe where it stood overlooking the highway for many years.

The head was moved from Canoe to Revelstoke after the Roger's Pass section of the Trans Canada Highway was completed.

To preserve the 1000 year old interior, the head was encased in fibreglass and then painted.

Revelstoke also features full-sized grizzly bears at Grizzly Plaza as well as a large Smokey Bear .

Information Sources: Roy Schmaus and the article: "Don't be Wooden Headed" provided by the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce

Picture Source: Regan Paynter


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