City of Prince George, British Columbia

Mr. P.G.

Mr. P.G. Thumb
Designer: Unknown

When Built: 1983 (latest version)

Height: 27 Feet (8.2 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Fibreglass and sheet metal painted to look like wood.

Junction of Highways 97 and 16

Reason for Building:

Additional Information:

Name is short for Mr. Prince George.

The original Mr. PG was made of spruce wood. On the current Mr. PG is a yellow hard hat and in his right hand is a hand painted aluminum flag.

There is a time a time capsule in his body.

There was a Mr. P.G. parade float built around 1961. It was 38' tall with a loudspeaker in his nose! He was built to pivot at the hip and ankle, and one of his operators figured out a way to unhinge his hip so he was able to swing out over the crowd while speaking. He was transported on a flat bed truck and erected by crane at the parade site. He won awards, including best float at the '61 Grey Cup Parade (?). The float was also present for the opening of the PNE in Vancouver.

Mr. P.G. is dressed up from time to time to publicize a particular event: for CNIB week, he sports a white cane and dark glasses; in late spring/early summer, he wears a "Hire a Student" t-shirt.

Information Sources: Canada's Gigantic! by Henri Robideau and Susanna Haley

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