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Viking - Regan PaynterViking - Scotty T.
Designer: John Clarke
Built By: Staff and Welding students of North Burnaby High School

When Built: June 13, 1994

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 11 Feet (3.4 Metres)
Length at shoulders : 15 Feet (4.7 Metres)
Width: 4 Feet (1.2 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Concrete, hair is made from #9 copper wire that has tarnished.

In front of North Burnaby High School

Although not a community monument as such, it is in the same spirit.

Reason for Building:

It is the mascot of the North Burnaby Vikings (high school)

Additional Information:

The plaque on the Viking reads:
"This statue of the Burnaby North Viking symbolizes the spirit of strength and courage in each of us that seeks new challenges and new horizons to make a better world.
Created by John Clarke and built by the staff and Welding students of Burnaby North - June 13, 1994"

Apparently graduates refer to it as Satan and every single household on the street across from it signed a petition against it being erected. It was vandalized in 1995 or 1996 to have blonde hair, makeup and a pink bra!

It is dressed in a fur-trimmed red hat during December.

Information Sources: Scotty Thorkelson and Michelle Patenaude

Picture Source: Regan Paynter and Scotty Thorkelson


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