Town of Logan Lake, British Columbia

Logan Lake Truck and Shovel
WABCO Electric Haul Pack

Logan Lake Truck and Shovel - Scotty T.Logan Lake Truck and Shovel - Scotty T.
Designer: WABCO?

When Built: Unknown - put on site, February 2, 1990

Dimensions (approximate):
Height: 19 Feet 11 inches (6.1 Metres)
Width: 24 Feet 1 inch (7.3 Metres)
Length: 54 Feet 3 inches (16.5 Metres)
Weight: 374,600 Pounds (187.3 short tons)

Construction Materials:
Engine: GM Electromotive 2500 horsepower.


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Reason for Building:

Built for mining

Additional Information:

It was donated to the community by Highland Valley Copper. The total payload capacity of the truck was 470,000 pounds or 235 short tons.

The stairs on the shovel lead up to the operator's cab. On the landing of the stairs, there is a door into which used to be the engine and winch room. This room is now used by the Chamber of Commerce for an office. That room itself is estimated to be 10' X 12' (3 m X 3.7 m).

Here is a photo of the photographer's parents by the shovel:
Logan Lake Shovel - Scotty T.

Information Sources: Scotty T.

Picture Source: Scotty T.


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