Gold Star Town of Falkland, British Columbia

Canadian Flag
("I Care Canadian Flag")

Canadian Flag - Fran Nikon
Designer: Unknown

When Built: 1992

Height: 28 Feet (8.5 Metres)
Width: 56 Feet (17.1 Metres)

Construction Materials:
2 X 6 lumber framework, eight 45 foot telephone poles, 18 4500-pound cement blocks, and metal. 3500 screws attach the metal. The colours are baked on enamel.

500 Feet (152.4 Metres) above the valley floor on a mountain known locally as Gyp Mountain.

Reason for Building:

Built in support of the I Care Campaign which received international attention when the people of Falkland challenged the rest of Canada to fly the Canadian Flag.

Additional Information:

The 2 X 6 lumber framework was bought by Falkland residents at $8.80 per board. The purchaser of each board has their name on it. The letters are six feet high and made of 3/4 inch plywood encased in fibreglass.

It is designed to withstand 35 tons of wind pressure.

There were 19 coporate sponsors who donated material, equipment and labour. The total cost of the flag was $42,493 ($33,960 for construction, $3,343 lighting, and $5,190 lettering).

The flag is lit up at night. Power reaches the site by a 2231 foot (700-metre) "extension cord".

Information Sources: Fran Nikon and Falkland I Care, Working to Keep Canada Canadian by Fran Nikon

Picture Source: Fran Nikon


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