Gold Star Town of Vulcan, Alberta

Vulcan Tourism Science
and Trek Station (The Station)

Space Centre © September 2000 David Yanciw
Designer: Ron Boruk (Calgary, AB)
Contractor: R.A. West Construction (Vulcan, AB)

When Built: October 23, 1998

Height: 53 Feet (16 Metres)
Area: 2,930 Square Feet

Construction Materials:
Encased in white samafil, a space age plastic

South side of Centre Street on the East end of town.

Reason for Building:

To tap into the growing tourist market interested in Science and Trek.

The original USS Enterprise from the series Star Trek was what first inspired a local group with the idea of constructing a ship for Vulcan."

Additional Information:

County community displays and visitor information services are available in the large central pod while the three extending pods house changing science and trek related displays, conference space, and the Vulcan County Economic Development Office.

It was designed to look like a landing spaceship.

Vulcan also features a Space Ship:
Space Ship shows the construction of the Centre.

Information Source: Town of Vulcan

Pictures Sources: DMY


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