Gold Star Town of Vulcan, Alberta

Vulcan Starship FX6-1995-A
Constitutional Class Starship

Space Ship © September 2000 David YanciwSpace Ship © September 2000 David Yanciw
Designer: D. Day
Built by: Gary McKinnon of
G & M Welding (Vulcan, AB).

When Built: June 10, 1995

Length (Overall): 31 Feet (9.4 Metres)
Width (Overall): 9 Feet (2.7 Metres)
Weight: 5 Tons (5,080 Kilograms)
Primary Hull length: 15 Feet (4.6 Metres)
Base height: 9 Feet (2.7 Metres)
Base length 19 Feet (5.8 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Metal, Base - 40 cubic yards of Solid Concrete

West side of Highway 23, just south of Centre Street

Reason for Building:

"VAST members (Vulcan Association for Science and Trek) have always maintained, that if you have a name like Vulcan, fans will come.

The original USS Enterprise from the series Star Trek was what first inspired a local group with the idea of constructing a ship for Vulcan."

Additional Information:

The design of the ship was altered from that of the USS Enterprise and redesigned by Trekker consultant Jim A. Pearson and by engineer D.Day from a model provided by Roy Elmer, a local Star Trek dealer. The new design was then turned over to Gary McKinnon of G & M Welding, who then translated it into the incredible metal ship at the entrance to town. The project was a major disruption for McKinnon, who was not familiar with spaceships and who tried to watch every Star Trek movie and episode he could get his hands on to give him information on how to construct the redesigned FX6-1995A. His farm shop was tied up for months, and local visitors were always asking what he was building. Would you believe a starship? A local autobody man provided the finer details of the paint job."

Forty cubic yards of concrete were required to support the five-ton ship. The ship is lighted so that at night it appears to hover. Plaques mounted on the base greet visitors in English, Vulcan and Klingon (Vulcan below):
Vulcan Greeting - © September 2000 Samson Yee

The starship was named after the Vulcan airport identifier "FX6" from the Canadian Flight Supplement (Flyer's Bible). The "1995" stands for the year it was created, an "A" signifies the first project launched in pursuit of the Science and Trek theme throughout the county.

Here is another picture of the ship. This time with myself under it to give an indication of the size of it:
Space Ship © September 2000 Samson Yee

Vulcan also features a Space Station:
Space Station shows the construction of the Starship.

Information Source: Town of Vulcan

Pictures Sources: DMY and Samson Yee


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