Gold Star Town of Vegreville, Alberta


Elk © May 2004 David YanciwElk © May 2004 David Yanciw
Designer: "Chuck" Buchanan (Whitehorse, Yukon)

When Built: 1994

Elk Height: 7 Feet (2.1 Metres)
Elk Length: 8 Feet (2.4 Metres)
Pedestal height: 7.5 Feet (2.3 Metres)
Pedestal length: 6 Feet (1.8 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Re-bar, sand, epoxy, wood. Base : Steel pipe and cement

North side of Highway 16A, at the entrance to Elk's Park.

Reason for Building:

Project was sponsored by the Vegreville Elks Lodge #143 to help establish identity of Elk's Park.

Additional Information:

The statue was closer to the ground before but has since been elevated, no doubt to reduce vandalism. In the summer, flowers are planted around its base.

The plaque at the front of the monument reads:
"Elk, A replica from which "Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks" has taken its name... Vegreville Lodge #143 meet every 1st Thursday of the month Elks Hall 5002 - 55 Avenue - 8:00 pm Ladies of the Royal Purple meet every 1st Monday of the month."

The Statue is an additional tourist attraction to the park. The world famous Easter Egg can be seen in this picture:
Elk © May 2004 David Yanciw

Information Source: Darcy Sarafinchan (Town of Vegreville) and plaque at monument

Pictures Sources: DMY


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