Town of Taber, Alberta

Corn Stalk

Corn Stalk - Len SuchanCorn © September 2000 David Yanciw
Designer: George Jaegli
(J's Welding & Machine - Cabri, SK)

When Built: October 29, 1994

Height with base : 36 Feet (11 Metres)
Height without base : 30 Feet (9.1 Metres)
Diameter stalks : 8 inches tapered to 3 inches (20 cm to 7 cm)

Construction Materials:

Northwest corner of Highway 3 and 50th Street,
in front of the AquaFun Centre

Reason for Building:

"Promotion, the Stalk is symbolic of Taber's agricultural proficiency and represents the quality, taste and success of Taber Corn throughout Western Canada"

Additional Information:

Samson Yee is in the second photo to illustrate the size. The corn has two stalks, four large cobs and two small cobs. Here is a close up of one of the cobs:
Corn © September 2000 David Yanciw

George Jaegli also created the Chokecherry in Lancer, SK, the Sceptre, SK Wheat and the Cabri, SK Wheat .

Taber also features a large Woman:
Woman - David Yanciw

Information Source: Lenze Kuiper , Town of Taber

Pictures Sources: Len Suchan of Mr. Lens Photography (Saskatoon) and DMY


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