Gold Star Village of Sangudo, Alberta

Landmark Sundial

Sundial - Postcard
Designer: Local Volunteer Craftsmen

When Built: ?

Height: 21 Feet (6.4 Metres)

Construction Materials:


Reason for Building:

Tourist atrraction. It is also a Village Landmark and Geographic Marker, Village Logo, and Entrance Sign.

Additional Information:

It takes the shape of a country grain elevator. The design has been officially copyrighted by the Village of Sangudo.

The angle of the upper roof slope of the gnomn (casting arm) is 54o 54'. This corresponds with the north Lattitude of Sangudo. This allows it to indicate local solar time. On average, the Sangudo Solar Time is about 40 minutes behind MST or 1 hour and 40 mintues behind MDT. The large boulders that mark the time are as follows:

  1. East Side of Sign - Cretaceous sandstone with cross bedding
  2. West Side of Sign - Cretaceous stratified sandstone with clay rip-up clasts
  3. 6am Position - Foliated Granite
  4. 8am Position - Quarzitic Sandstone
  5. 10am Position - Precambrian Gneiss
  6. 12 noon Position - Cretaceous sandstone
  7. 2 pm Position - Cretaceous Sandston with cross bedding
  8. 4pm Position - Precambrian Granite
  9. 6pm Position - Quartzitic Sandstone

Erection of the momumnet was sponsored by the Sangudo Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Village. Over 70 volunteers and donators have been recognized for their support of this project.

Information Source: Village of Sangudo

Pictures Sources: Postcard from the Village of Sangudo


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