Gold Star Town of Lac La Biche, Alberta

David Thompson

David Thompson
Designer: Herman Poulin of Hub Designs
(St. Edouard, AB)

When Built: July 29, 1999

Height: 12 Feet (3.7 Metres)
Base Height: 10 Feet (3 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Concrete and Bronze

South West corner of Lac La Biche Lake.

Reason for Building:

The statue was built to commemorate Lac La Biche's bicentennial and to recognize David Thompson's landing on the shores of Lac La Biche.

Additional Information:

The Plaque reads:
"He arrives in canoe briggade at 1:00 p.m., October 4, 1798 after crossing Portage La Biche. Made the final approach in a light canoe accompanied by his guide Laderoote, and someone known only as "the Indian""

The David Thompson statue is pointing to the place where he landed. David is the one standing, Laderoote is in the middle and the one know as "The Indian" is at the end.

Herman Poulin also created Angus Shaw at Bonnyville and Peter Fiddler in Elk Point, AB.

Information Source: Jane Palmer from Lac La Biche Regional Community Development Corporation

Pictures Sources: Alana Dahlen from Lac La Biche Regional Community Development Corporation


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