Gold Star Town of Elk Point, Alberta

Peter Fiddler (Fur Trader)

Fiddler © 1998 David YanciwFiddler © 1998 David Yanciw
Designer: Billie Milholland
Built By: Herman Poulin of Hub Designs
(St. Edouard, AB)

When Built: November 1991

Height: 32 Feet (9.8 Metres)
Width: 8 Feet (2.4 Metres)

Construction Materials:
10" X 10" (.4 M X .4M) squared well aged spruce beams.

West side of Highway 41

Reason for Building:

Bicentennial Project - 200 years ago the Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Company built fur trading posts near the present Town of Elk Point.

Peter Fiddler was a Hudson's Bay surveyor. Legend has it that while exploring the northern part of the province, his canoe sprung a leak and like Indians, he grabbed some gumbo mud from the river bank to plug the leak. This mud contained oil which oozed up out of the ground.

Additional Information:

Carved with a chain saw, finished with stains and paints.

Bill Doty posed for the statue design since no photos or paintings of Peter Fiddler were available. The Alberta Land Surveys Association contributed the giant metal sextent (4' X 4').

Herman Poulin also created Angus Shaw at Bonnyville and David Thompson in Lac La Biche, AB.

Elk Point also has a Historical Mural that it is also proud of. It was built in 1987 with 25 4'X8' sheets of crezon board. It stands 100 feet long and 8 Feet high. The Elk Point Historical Society Co-ordinated the project; Billie Milholland researched and painted it. It marks 80 years of Settlement.

The second photo is actually a self-portrait (I have a long reach).

Information Source: Town of Elk Point and Rendez Vous West - Souvenir Edition a pamphlet, and George Babak.

Pictures Sources: DMY


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