Village of Dewberry, Alberta


Chuckwagon © May 2004 David YanciwChuckwagon © May 2004 David Yanciw
Designer: Morris Irvine of Moe's Wheel Wright and Carriage Shop (Lindberg)

When Built: 1995

1.5 times life-size

Construction Materials:
wood and canvas

Southeast corner of town.
Railway Avenue and 2nd Street.

Reason for Building:

Developed to symbolize Dewberry and promote the community and draw tourists.

Additional Information:

It was unveiled at the 1995 Chuckwagon Races held in Dewberry.

Although 1.5 times the size of a real racing wagon, it is fully functional. Some wheel parts were ordered from an Amish community in Ontario.

It is stored on a trailer in a three sided building (second photo). The brass plaque on the actual wagon reads:
"Built by Moe's Wheelwright & Carriage Shop Box 62, Linberg, AB"

There is sign on the building that reads:
"Lumber, labour & Siding for this building funded by Erven Garnier of Dewberry local farmer, rancher, dealer of all sorts. Born in an old farm house 1 mile west of Dewberry 1918 "May the Lord be With Your - Ervin" Pipe donated by Norcen Energy Resources"

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