City of Calgary, Alberta

Mechanical Man (Spike)

Mechanical Man © September 2000 Samson Yee
Designer: Unknown

When Built: 1988

Height: 27 Feet (8.2 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Locomotive and Freight Car parts: body is a boiler; head and ears are gears; arms and hands are couplers; and he is holding a locomotive engine crankshaft in his right hand.

CP Rail's Ogden Yards at the intersection of 69th Avenue and Ogden Road in South East Calgary

Although not a community monument as such, it is big. Eventually, I will create a section on Commercial Monuments but for now, it is here.

Reason for Building:

Built to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Ogden Yards. It was built as "a lasting monument" that would be recognizable and a friendly welcome to visitors.

Additional Information:

It was built by employees from numerous trades and unions throughout the yards. It was first called Oggie, a name that it is still referred to as by many employees.

That is me in front of Spike

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Pictures Sources: Samson Yee


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