Town of Brownvale, Alberta

"Mulroney" Riding a Bull

Bull and Rider © Joyce BadleyBull and Rider © Joyce Badley
Designer: Unknown

When Built: 1986

Height: 15 Feet (4.6 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Fibreglass with a wood and metal frame

South end of town at the Brownvale North Peace Agricultural Museum. Corner of Highways #2 and #37

Reason for Building:

It was built by the Alberta government for the Alberta Pavillion at Expo 1986 in Vancouver.

Additional Information:

It cost $30,000 to build it.

It depicts a brama bull being riden by Brain Mulroney as the cowboy (Mulroney was the PM at the time of Expo in 1986). The bull is a mechanical one that can move.

After Expo closed, it was auctioned off. It was purchased by George McKenzie who donated it to the museum which he helped to form.

The above pictures were taken before it was relocated to the museum location.

Information Source: Joyce Badley

Pictures Sources: Joyce Badley



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